Increase your efficiency, save time and money

Menu management can feel like a chore you don't ever have time to do properly.

CaterCost gives you easy-to-navigate software to manage your food business, whatever your size.

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Make more profit

Whether you want to reduce your food cost, increase your gross margin or manage food wastage, our software makes it easy to discover what every meal you serve is actually costing you, down to the last penny.

Create beautiful recipe specifications

The secrets of your recipes deserve to be saved in a beautiful format; clean, clear, legible, accurate and easy to update. CaterCost lets you create recipe and sub recipe specs with full batch scalability, allergen and nutritional info.

Streamline your kitchen process

Reduce time spent on tedious repetitive tasks. Whether updating prices, counting stock or analysing menu sales; with all supplied ingredients, recipe and menu data held in one place you can eliminate time wastage and human error.

Generate better menus

Whatever sector your food business, our ready-to-use menu template lets you generate professional looking menus for your team and customers; allowing them to easily access the detailed nutritional and allergen make-up of every dish you serve, whatever their dietary requirements.


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